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What Businesses Need Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a policy type that few people understand because those outside the business world rarely use it. However, your firm may fall within the umbrella insurance need, so make sure you contact us at AA Top Insurance LLC serving Naples, FL, to learn more. 

How to Tell If You Need Umbrella Insurance 

While the number of businesses that need umbrella insurance is relatively high, you may not necessarily qualify if your company just doesn’t need this type of protection. Just a few factors to weigh when you’re considering this coverage option include:

  • High Risk of Liability – Does your business have a potentially high risk of severe liability claims? Then, you may need an umbrella insurance policy. 
  • Inadequate Liability Coverage – If you have liability coverage but find that it doesn’t suit your needs, an umbrella policy may be a good choice for you. 
  • High-Value Business Ownership – When your company is worth a lot of money, you may want an umbrella policy to cut back on your risk of profound loss in a lawsuit. 

Typically, companies like health firms, transportation companies, sports teams, various travel guides, and much more all need liability. However, if the health and safe of others are in your hands, umbrella policies may help keep you from suffering a devastating lawsuit if anything goes wrong.

Help Is Here for You 

Do you want to protect your business with high-quality umbrella insurance policies? Then, it is a good idea to reach out to us at AA Top Insurance LLC serving Naples, FL, to learn more. We’ll help you figure out what kind of policy makes sense for you and give you the help needed to thrive. And we can even set you up with an umbrella insurance policy based on your company.

Types of Commercial Insurance and The Benefits

When you own a business in Naples, FL, stress levels can be high. From day-to-day operations to managing risks, business ownership can be a daunting task. Fortunately, for some facets of your business, you can transfer the burden to a trusted partner. That said, when it comes to commercial insurance, you can trust AA Top Insurance LLC to handle the headache on your behalf as you concentrate on more pressing matters.

Types of commercial insurance and how they benefit your business

With many commercial insurance options in the market, it can be challenging to decide what is appropriate for your business. However, you can put this confusion to bed with the insights below on commercial insurance types and how they protect your business.

  • Commercial auto insurance: It’s mandatory in most states and is required for vehicles used for business purposes. This insurance covers your business against liabilities, damage to the vehicle, and medical costs arising from auto accidents where your driver is at fault.
  • Workers compensation insurance: It’s also required in most states and pays for medical expenses arising from work-related injuries. Furthermore, it protects businesses from lawsuits arising from workers who might sue you for injuries suffered in the workplace.
  • Cyber liability insurance: With increased technology use, cybercriminals are ever-changing their tactics to exploit businesses. Thankfully, when you have cyber liability insurance in the pocket, your IT architecture is protected against data breaches and cyberattacks. 
  • Business owner’s policy (BOP): Because many businesses are susceptible to liabilities and property damage, this coverage ensures that businesses are well-protected from property damage and liability losses, ensuring business continuity.
  • Professional liability insurance: It covers legal costs of alleged professional negligence or missed deadlines. 
  • Commercial umbrella insurance: While you may have business liability coverages, they may fall short when your business faces significant financial liabilities. That said, this coverage kicks in when your standard liability coverages run out.

Commercial insurance in Florida

Are you a business owner in Naples, FL, and the nearby areas? Please get commercial insurance from AA Top Insurance LLC. Here, we hold your business interests at heart. When you partner with us, we will evaluate and recommend commercial insurance options that make financial sense to you. Contact us today.


Why you Should Get Commercial Insurance in Florida

Naples, FL is a popular community that continues to be an attractive place to own a business. This area has a robust local economy and always plenty of tourists. While there are benefits that come with starting a company in this area of Florida, there are also risks associated with it. If you are going to start a company here, it would be a good idea to get a commercial insurance policy.

Protects Business Assets

One reason why you should get a commercial insurance policy in this area of Florida is that it can help to protect your business assets. Any business owner that invests in company assets needs to make sure that their investment is protected. The best way to do this is through insurance. A commercial insurance policy will give you coverage if your assets are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. This way, you will be able to replace them if necessary. 

Protects for Liability

If a business sells a product or service to someone in Florida, they are always going to take on the risk of liability. If you sell a product or service and the user gets sick or hurt because of it, you will face liability risk. Fortunately, you can get a commercial insurance policy that will provide you with coverage in the event you are sued and found at fault for the illness or injury. 

There are plenty of great reasons to start a company in Naples, FL. If you do decide to open up a business in this area of Florida, you should make sure that you get a good commercial insurance policy in place. A great place to turn to when you are looking for a new commercial insurance policy is AA Top Insurance LLC. The team at AA Top Insurance LLC will provide you with the support you need to choose a commercial insurance policy that is right for your situation. 

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