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Why you need condo insurance in Naples, FL

Naples, FL is a gem on the southwestern coast of Florida. It is a popular place to retire, but it also has lots of energy and opportunities for enjoying the beautiful beaches and ocean sports. Owning a condo in Naples is one way to break into a rather pricey home market. At AA Top Insurance LLC in Naples, FL, we are committed to supplying our clients with exceptional customer service and making sure we are there for them when they need us most 

Even in a beautiful place like Naples, bad things happen. If a covered peril happens at your condo complex, being able to afford to have your unit repaired is important, and it may require that you have condo insurance. Your condo association does have insurance that covers the exterior and the common areas. This includes things like the pool area, walkways, and parking lot. You are responsible for the interior of your unit. 

Condo insurance covers a few different things. It includes the parts of the building that are your responsibility which really depends on the condo master policy. Walls in means that you are responsible for everything from the walls in. This makes cabinets yours to replace. Your condo insurance also covers all your personal items which include furniture, electronics, appliances, jewelry, and clothing. 

Condo insurance includes liability coverage so that if anyone gets injured while visiting your condo, you are covered against legal action. 

If your condo is damaged, and you have loss of use coverage, the insurance will help to pay for a place for you to stay while your unit is being repaired. This offers a lot of peace of mind knowing you will have a place to stay. 

Give us a call at AA Top Insurance LLC in Naples, FL with all your condo insurance needs. 

Condo Insurance Myths Exposed

Based in Naples, FL, AA Top Insurance LLC offers residents multiple types of insurance policies. We are aware that researching different policies can be an overwhelming process. That’s why we are committed to simplifying our clients’ process so that we can help them find the coverage they need to protect themselves in any situation.

Understanding Condo Insurance

There are beautiful condos in the Ft. Meyers and Naples, FL area. If you are one of the many people residing in one of these attractive condos, you’ll want to have coverage so that your unit will be protected in the event of an emergency. Condo insurance also covers your personal items if they are stolen or vandalized. To assist you while you research different policies, here is the truth regarding common condo insurance myths.

I Have Protection Through Someone Else, So Coverage Isn’t Necessary.

This is incorrect. The protection that you have likely only covered your unit’s external parts if they are damaged.  However, you’ll need your own coverage to protect your personal items inside the unit.

I Don’t Have Any Valuable Items.

All of your personal items hold some value. Condo insurance would cover you if something were to happen. The policy also covers you if you have to lodge somewhere else while your condo is being repaired.

The Policy Covers Luxury Items

Make sure that you research policies carefully because you may need to look at additional coverage if you have rare items such as luxury furs and antique paintings in your unit.

My Policy Cover A Potential Flood

If a lake overflow causes damage to your unit, you may not be protected unless you amend your policy. Not all water damage is the same.

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