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What Does Good Home Insurance Consist Of?

If you have just bought your dream home in Naples, FL, the next step should be getting home insurance from AA Top Insurance LLC. With an insurance policy, you will know that your valuable property is highly protected against uncertainties. Before buying your home insurance policy, it is always important to understand what your home insurance policy will be covering. Good home insurance coverage should consist of the following aspects. 

Should Cover Your Structure

Good home insurance should make sure that it covers the entire structure. Some of the important uncertainties that should be covered include fire, floods, hails, hurricanes, and earthquakes. It is necessary to make sure that your home insurance covers extensions such as home garages and gazebos.

Should Cover Your Personal Belongings

Besides covering the entire structure and some of its extensions, it is always necessary to ascertain whether your home insurance covers your personal belongings. In this case, your furniture, clothes, and other important items such as sports equipment should be covered by your home insurance. Ensure you provide details about all the personal belongings in your home when you are buying home insurance.

Should Cover Liability Protection

Another important aspect that a good home insurance policy should not miss is liability protection. In this case, any person who is injured within your premises through acts of omission or commission will be covered by your home insurance. Sometimes home insurance policies extend to the point of covering pet injuries in your property, which is critical liability coverage. 

Do You Need Home Insurance?

If you need good home insurance covering all the aspects discussed above, contact AA Top Insurance LLC. We are a leading home insurance provider in Naples, FL, and we will provide a home cover that meets your specific needs.

Will Home Insurance Cover the Cost of Home Repairs in Naples?

Making home repairs can be an exciting project. Even if you’re just completing the practical upgrades around the home, such as patching up the roof or taking care of a crack, it can still give you a sense of pride in your property. But are those repairs covered should something happen to the structure? AA Top Insurance LLC in Naples, FL wants you to know more. 

Standard Home Repairs 

Necessary home repairs are generally covered under your policy. This is because they don’t increase the value of your property; they only maintain it. So if you’re performing general maintenance, then you should be safe should a covered event happened to you.

Now, this does not mean that home insurance will pay for standard maintenance, only that it will pay for the repair of it if something does occur. For example, let’s say you replace your water heater because it’s getting old. The new water heater is of about the same quality as the old one. Should the new water heater be damaged in a storm, then you can file a claim for the cost of replacement.

Home Upgrades 

What home insurance won’t cover is the significant upgrades — unless you make a change to your policy. Anything that drastically increases the value of your property, such as luxury appliances or new home additions, will need to be factored into your coverage for it to be covered. 

If you’re concerned about whether you have enough coverage for your home insurance policy, call AA Top Insurance LLC today. We can help you decide if certain repairs are significant enough to warrant a change in your policy. 

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