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Common Myths About Boat Insurance

Understanding insurance policies, especially if you have never dealt with them before, can be quite complicated. Many people turn to their family members and friends to get information and advice on different types of insurance, including boat insurance. Unfortunately, these people do not always have the correct information, which leads to misconceptions and myths. Here is a list of the most common myths about boat insurance. 

Myths About Boat Insurance

  • Your home insurance covers your boat as well. Even you keep your boat on your property, there is no guarantee that your home insurance policy will cover it. There are some homeowners policies that do provide coverage for boats and coverage, but this coverage is very limited. 
  • You are covered no matter where you are located. Most boat insurance policies cover only a certain area – in which you go boating most of the time. Therefore, if you decide to travel somewhere else, you should know that most likely you and your boat will not be covered. 
  • The cost of my boat insurance is not affected by my driving record. Unfortunately, people do not know about it, but your driving record has an impact on your boat insurance rate. For example, if you have had tickets in the past or were involved in car accidents, your boat insurance will be more expensive. 

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Are you a lucky boat owner living in Naples, FL or another surrounding town, and are you thinking of getting boat insurance? AA Top Insurance LLC is the right company to contact. Our insurance agents are knowledgeable and specialize in all types of insurance, so they will be able to answer your questions and help you choose the policy you need. For more information, do not hesitate to visit our website or give us a call. 

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