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Condo Insurance in Florida

Shopping for Condo Insurance

If condo insurance seems like a waste of money to you, then think again. It is a wonderful experience to purchase your first condo. However, amidst you enjoying the moment in your new place, it is vital that you do not leave out one of the most important steps and that is purchasing a condo insurance policy. We can assist you here at AA Top Insurance LLC in Naples, FL.

Florida Condo Insurance Laws

Condo insurance is not a mandatory law in Florida. However, you need to look into what the condo association already has covered, so you do not overlap your coverage with theirs. Florida laws do state that the policies of the condo association must not consist of certain things in individual condo units.

Condo Insurance Policies

Here are some coverage options you can choose from:

Building Coverage

If your building were to get damaged as a result of a fire, as a condo owner, you would need to pay for any fixtures within your unit. These have to be paid for out of your pocket without the proper coverage. Light fixtures and even kitchen cabinets can get pretty costly without insurance.


Liability coverage helps protect you if someone gets injured within your unit. This is different compared to someone being injured in a common area. Someone would have to get physically injured in your unit for liability coverage to kick in and help pay for expenses. Liability also covers property damage as a result of someone visiting your condo.

Personal Property Coverage

Things that happen every single day are things such as vandalism and theft. Unfortunately, you cannot prevent them from happening. A condo association’s policy will not protect you if your individual unit gets burglarized. Instead, your coverage will take care of damages as a result of theft or vandalism.

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