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Flood Insurance in Florida

Flood Insurance as a Necessity

Everyone loves their home. It is natural for people to want to protect their homes, families, and belongings from danger. Insurance is one of the best ways to protect your loved ones from events that may be unexpected.

Flood insurance is one of the various types of insurance we offer here at AA Top Insurance LLC in Naples, FL. It is essential not to overlook flood insurance, even if it isn’t something that is required in your mortgage. Without it, your pockets can suffer a tremendous financial loss when you have to replace everything you owned because you went without coverage.

Flood Insurance Laws in Florida

Flood insurance is only required in Florida if you have a mortgage lender that requires it. Mortgage companies usually only make it a requirement if your home is located in a high risk or moderate risk flood zone. Even if your home is not found in any of these higher-risk areas, you may still want to consider it since Florida is more prone to intense storms, especially during hurricane season.

Flood Insurance Coverage

Standard Flood Policy

This policy provides coverage that is similar to the National Flood Insurance program. You can count on similar adjustment of losses and deductibles such as those of NFIP standard policy.

Preferred Flood Policy

This policy consists of additional living expenses coverage and replacement costs that do not exceed policy limits.

Customized Flood Policy

This policy covers a bit more than standard flood insurance policies. It is tailored to your lifestyle or situation in a specific way.

Flexible Flood Policy

This policy takes care of losses as a result of a flood as well as any losses that occur outside of the home.

Supplemental Flood Policy

Supplemental policies usually cover deductibles, art, jewelry, and other living expenses.

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